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From The Desk of Mark Evans: Online Marketing Professionals

Dear Internet Marketer,

Let's be really clear.... If you are online and marketing anything from business opportunities, to products, cpa offers or affiliate programs... one statement is fact.

You need to get your message out to more people -

Right now, you have the opportunity to tap into a marketing phenomenon that will give you more opportunities for exposure than you ever thought possible.


Get your message out to hundreds and even thousands of interested people at the click of a button.

We have combined two of the most powerful social media techniques, and one of the best, and most widely used marketing methods into one powerful tool, that will get your message in front of coutnless interested people, and keep them coming back time after time.



Explode everything you know about marketing online

Increase Your Exposure With Every Use



But lets wind back a step...


How did we get here? and what, exactly, is the thinking behind this concept.


Well to answer those questions... you have to see the 'AHA' moment that bought all this together and (surprisingly) it looks like this on a scribbled napkin as the idea took shape....

The AHA Idea


We were discussing over what was probably our third or fourth coffee for the day from the local coffee shop, the ways marketing has changed over the last few years.

With inboxes filling up -- and traditional methods of getting exposure
becoming less and less popular.... we needed to do something.

The conversation went on a flow..... but see if you can follow where it leads in point form


  • Too many emails

  • click through rates always dropping off

  • messages not getting through

  • subject line marketing (good ones DO get through)

  • JV partners (guys that already have huge lists and being able to market YOUR proposal to THEIR lists)

  • List Swaps

  • list swaps for non JV partners

  • Facebook follower swaps (that got a few chuckles as we imagined your Mum, sister and school friends getting all our marketing stuff coming at them)

  • Twitter follower swaps

  • Might work... they are typically in the same or interested markets...

  • BANG - hang on a second.... what if we could do that?



And then we both started leaning forward on the chairs
and the conversation got a LOT more animated.


How would it work?


I have a message - that I want other people to see...


I can email it out and post it on blogs and facebook etc.... And the social media networks have made the concept of Sharing things you were interested in a natural part of our daily community.


You see the buttons like these ones -



Social Media Sharing

On every page you come across online.

Inviting you to connect with your network and tell them what you are up to...


What stories interest you, what information you find interesting to share with those around you and ways of 'collaboratively' bringing people together around topics and ideas.


The idea is beautiful.


Someone you have a connection with is interested in a particular topic or piece of information and because of your connection with them, and the fact that they SHARED it - puts it on your radar and you check it out to as a matter of interest... and the cycle continues and grows.


The term GOING VIRAL has gone outside the internet marketing world.

Anything can 'Go Viral' these days... all it takes is one person to share it with their group... Who share it with their group... etc etc.

The effect can be phenomenal.


I cannot believe what you guys have put together here
Totally Tweetable is Totally unique. I never
saw anything like it. The mailer is a Wow.

I send out an email. Someone clicks on it to
get credits and I get my message out all over
Twitter and it goes viral instantly.

This is Total Dynamite and a completely new
way to advertise. I am gobsmacked. This site
gets my ten *star* recommendation. If you
are in business on the net. This is a must have
advertising tool.





Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc




So then the discussion was all about getting this to happen for everyday people. With good products and services.


How could we get their messages to take on a viral quality??

How could we get people to share it with their group?


After all that is the start of the process...


When one person shares it with their connected network, then the effect has begun.

And if the topic has interest and the next level of people also share it...... Now we have viral growth.

So..... what if I could get people to VOLUNTARILY
tweet out my message for me to their followers...?

Tweet it out



Now we open the doors to a WHOLE new era of viral marketing.


Totally Tweetable can make your marketing go viral by incentivising people to tweet your messages for you.

You send to them and they tweet it for you.


That is worth GOLD.

So.... if we can get one person to send out your marketing message to their twitter followers for you
What would be better???


You heard right -


200 people that will receive your message and have an incentive to tweet it out to their followers for you.

Would you PAY for that?

(You don't need to. It is FREE with Totally Tweetable)


So then.... Lets review what you get 100% totally for FREE

Go through the flow of this diagram from one to four...

get others to TWEET for you

And it really is that easy.


Your mail goes out to hundreds.....


They tweet it out to THOUSANDS.

And all the tweets point back to YOUR marketing messages.


Pretty cool huh?

We call it social media evolution.

"What's New?  Mark Evans has done it again!"

Mark has done it again!  Another totally unique site
that appeals to the masses ... Totally Tweetable!

When you join one of Mark's sites you know that
it's going to take your business to the next level
and bring perpetual value to your referrals.

TotallyTweetable is your best yet. Congrats~!

Gina Sprenkle-Gunning




It is your marketing. Your messages.

We have set up a massive leverage factor allowing inter connected groups of people to mutually benefit.


Now that is smart marketing.


If you are ready to join the social media evolution and get your message infront of more people, more often....


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